About Us

About Us

The Cento Quartieri Real Estate Studio is a company that operates in the real estate brokerage sector, does not set operational territorial boundaries, despite its activity having its only headquarters in via Cavaro 50, in the heart of the most "served and captivating" districts of Cagliari: San Benedetto.

Studio Immobiliare Cento Quartieri is a company established in 1995, by Pietro (who had already worked in the sector for a decade) and Ernesta Aru; brother and sister who are a compendium of professional and character features that complement each other, forming a single operational synergy, with a very specific objective: to put their experience in the sector at the service of customers, fueled by continuous studies and updates (also thanks to to refresher seminars organized by Fimaa, as an associate); but above all putting into practice the teaching of a professor of Peter, who said: "Always work with science and conscience!".
It is with this in mind that "Cento Quartieri" has always worked, following the customer from the beginning, already in the first approach to the idea of ​​selling or buying a house, trying to combine technical and professional skills, analyzing the cold numbers and therefore the economic convenience of the real estate operation, with the care also of the emotional side, a component that almost always influences the Customer's decision. Fundamental to do this is knowing how to listen to the customer, so as to grasp the elements necessary for us, in order to give the best advice, in order to direct it towards a decision or at least a more informed choice. In short, we always try to act to protect the interests of the consumer; and although this may prove to be against our own interest, we are certain that if well advised it is never lost; but earned, even if at that moment it does not conclude the negotiation. We often see young and less young people approaching this sector, attracted mainly by the idea of ​​gain, apparently easy; thus putting money, above work, as a primary goal.
And without the awareness that the gain is the right consequence of a job carried out with diligence and commitment. The latter must be the correct approach to the profession of real estate agent. This is to underline that today more than ever, given the precarious economic equilibrium in which the country finds itself, our sector, perhaps more than others, needs certainty, reliability and professionalism, on which the user entered the real estate market for trusting in the buying and selling of your own home, you can count on, sure of being accompanied, supported and supported as if it were a friend. This is in brief part of the working philosophy of the "One Hundred Neighborhoods" which can also be transformed into a viable strategy to bring all those who remain distant closer to its services, as they identify real estate agencies as "customs, which pay only because they pass through them".

The studio is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00. Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00 by appointment.

Tel / fax 070/43743. E-mail: info@centoquartierimmobiliare.it

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