Our Services

Our Services

We have been in the real estate business for over twenty years and with this consolidated experience we can provide our customers with all the professionalism acquired, to listen to them, advise them and help them realize their dreams. If you want to sell your property, you can take advantage of our real and accurate commercial evaluation for free. We know our work well because with our twenty-five year experience we have acquired an evaluation meter that allows us to say the right commercial value by comparing the market trend, evaluating the area where the property is located, verifying the state of the building and all the variants that allow you to calculate the price.

We are at your disposal to help you sell or buy your dream home.

Have a real evaluation based on a deep knowledge of the area where we operate and the real market value.

We help you in every phase of the sale, assisting and advising you on the choices and procedures to be carried out. We think of everything, you will not be alone, you will only have to choose. We have a large portfolio of clients that can do for you in the process of home search or real estate sales.

We would set appointments based on your needs by searching for selected and referenced buyers for your rental or for your sale. Detailed knowledge of the area and the performance of the local market.

Assistance in all phases of the sale.

Free evaluation.

Availability and database with a selection of numerous buyers. Management of appointments and organization of visits to the building. If you want to sell your house and you don't know how much the appraisal is worth is free, if you don't succeed in selling in the established time, nothing is owed to us.

In summary:

- Brokerage in transactions with assistance up to the notarial deed;

- Estimates, appraisals and free valuation of the buildings;

- Technical assistance (land registry, mortgage, urban planning);

- Financial assistance (mortgage research best suited to customer needs, agreements with leading banking groups);

- Brokerage in real estate leases with assistance until the signing of the contract, including all the obligations provided for by law in this regard.

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